abortion pills in dubai uae

Cytotec Tablets: Abortion Pills in UAE

Original Contrapill kit from cadila pharmaceutical company, top brand in India..

We have availability of all medicines in India, and we supply medicine for abortion in dubai, UAE too. But we are selecting the best one and bringing the best one. That’s now cadila contrapill kit. All other companies who selling same product saying 70% success.. but cadila giving surety of 93% success..

Above all in our history we didn’t face any failure till now. We did more than 1500 using the same kit.

How it works: Medicine for abortion in Dubai

First we are giving only one tablet…

It’s mifepristone 200mg(Ru486)..

This one stop progesterone. It’s equal to the food for the womb. Then uterus lining will be broken and womb will be down in 24 hours. After 24 hours giving misoprostol/Cytotec 200mcg(dosage and perfect timing will be given by doctor). Then along with blood the womb will be coming out as small pieces. This is how it works. This is just a small scientific explanation. You will get more information when you go through it. If you want any information regarding this feel free to call. Information’s always free of coast. Contact now for the abortion tablets in uae!

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abortion tablets in uae

About us

We are in the same field several years. Giving complete idea about the procedure and proper instructions. Until the end of procedure giving maximum support.. Even after that also.. after few month also attending Ur calls and messages with the same smile that u saw before.. We saw a smile after the task in the face of every customers.

There are N number of successful customers and no failure reported till now . Maximum we are trying not to go beyond our hand .. we cannot explain u everything here.. u have to experience it. Then only u can understand what makes us different from others… check the video to know more.

Customer’s details will be highly confidential. Your safety is our profit…

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 Now a days it's the most common thing in UAE.  Three type of situations are there.  If someone is in a relationship or got engaged , they won't be that much careful. So there is many chances to get pregnant. In other case married couples they will not be prepared financially and mentally for a baby.  And the third situation some girls forced to do sex. And unfortunately only with one time intercourse she becomes pregnant.In these three situations people are thinking about abortion.  I'm not telling it is 100% right thing. But sometime we have no choice.  When think for abortion some one will ask to friends, and some one will do a blind search in internet. Here I'm going to give you some points where and how you have to begin. It may help you to do in better way. Abortion in UAE Home remedies for abortion Abortion pills available in Dubai Abortion pill name and price Cytotec in Dubai Birth control pills in UAE 1. Abortion in UAE All of you know abortion is not legal in UAE. So if you are trying to do such things you have to be more careful. When you contact a person... Read more

Abortion Pills in Dubai: When You Have to Use?

Hi dears, many people who asking for abortion tablet in UAE, doing the same mistake. Those girls who are having unprotected sex, they will be waiting for next periods. Some of them not even think about their own disorders. They will wait up to 30 days and if the menstruation didn't come, directly they will type in Google  "Cytotec in Dubai", or where can i get cytotec in dubai? etc.. Actually this is not the proper way. First of all you have to confirm the pregnancy. You have to wait atleast 35 days from the last period date. Date calculating from the first day of period. Then u can check with the pregnancy test strip and confirm the pregnancy. Some girls will be in more hurry. So they will go to some clinic and will check the blood.. Some times it will go wrong.  If u test in 25 days you can confirm pregnancy in blood. But HCG level can have slight variations because of some another reasons.  The variation in HCG level + your doubt about pregnancy+ period delay = all together you are pregnant. Is this 100% right...?Not at all....There are many cases we saw it's showing positive in blood... Read more