Abortion in Dubai, UAE with Cytotec Tablets: An Ultimate Guide for Women

 Now a days it’s the most common thing in UAE.

 Three type of situations are there. 

If someone is in a relationship or got engaged , they won’t be that much careful. So there is many chances to get pregnant. In other case married couples they will not be prepared financially and mentally for a baby. 

And the third situation some girls forced to do sex. And unfortunately only with one time intercourse she becomes pregnant.In these three situations people are thinking about abortion. 

I’m not telling it is 100% right thing. But sometime we have no choice. 

When think for abortion some one will ask to friends, and some one will do a blind search in internet. Here I’m going to give you some points where and how you have to begin. It may help you to do in better way.

  1. Abortion in UAE
  2. Home remedies for abortion
  3. Abortion pills available in Dubai
  4. Abortion pill name and price
  5. Cytotec in Dubai
  6. Birth control pills in UAE

1. Abortion in UAE

All of you know abortion is not legal in UAE. So if you are trying to do such things you have to be more careful. When you contact a person to buy the pills make confirm he is genuine. Because many fraud guys are there , they will cheat pregnant woman. Because it is easy to cheat the people who are in trouble. For example some one told you a price, and some one else telling one third of first price, may be online transfer. We are human beings . Obviously we will go for the lower price. After transferring the amount if you are not getting the item, what you will do..?

Always think some one is telling very lower price than market price , their intension is not good. Many similar cases I saw. The online seller will say a price that no one can give. And he will wanish in the air with the money. So be careful always. First I will tell you some small ideas to solve your problem without spending money.

2. Home remedies for abortion

In this topic I’m going to give you some information and instructions to save your money. Normally no medicine sellers will do this. They will never help you to save money. I’m telling from the different experience heard from different people. This is not based on any studies and no scientific proof.

Especially I don’t have any personal experience.
First one is papaya.
Green papaya is best. If take green papaya in empty stomach for few days will help for natural abortion.

Second one is pineapple. Usage is same like papaya. And works same.
In the same time you can use both papaya and pineapple.
These remedies will work only in the very early stage of pregnancy. These all you can try before confirming the pregnancy.

Third one is a little bit risky. I heard that Some Philippino girls did it. This method is with ibruffen tablet and Coca-Cola. Always use the lower dosage of ibruffen. Using method is simple. After food one bruffen, then exactly after 30 minutes one Coca-Cola.

Repeat the same after 6 hour. Doing this so many things is not good. These methods will have success possibility only 20%.
Home remedies have 80% chances of fail.

So don’t stay cool after doing some shortcut. Do the pregnancy test after the expected period date. If getting positive, you have to think about another solution…

3. Abortion pills available in Dubai

So as I said above, thinking about another solution, you will reach here. There are many types of abortion pills available in dubai,UAE. The best one we are selling here. Then definitely you will ask, why we are best. Many reasons are there. I can tell you some of them. The first reason is we are giving the good quality and good branded product. It’s from the number one company in India. Second reason is the person who handle your situation have sound knowledge in the topic and will be able to answer you for any questions.

Third thing reliable. Will be giving you support till the end of procedure. And 24/7 available in phone and WhatsApp. If need some extra dosage, sending you immediately on time. Atlast if the process is fail, we are willing to give you back the money.

Very very important thing is we don’t have any failed customer till now. If you choose us, you will not regret. That’s my promise.

4. Abortion pill name and price

How many name of abortion tablets you heard…?
Definitely you saw some names already. Because when we search in internet itself we can see some names. And the problem comes when we select which one is best, which one we have to use and which one good for our situation. I prefer for all patients to go for indian brands. They are maintaining some quality. And we are not saying other brands are not good. But the thing is in India we have tight competition in this field. All companies are trying to come first. So everyday it’s improving the quality of medicine they produce. Some medicine name available in India I will tell here. Contrapill kit from cadila, we are using ..

Other medicines safe abort kit, mifegest kit, Khushi kit, unwanted kit, etc. All are coming with some combination of five tablets contain one mifepristone and 4 misoprostol.

The price in India is very cheap. But in UAE it’s very high. But affordable for all people. If you try to get it for a cheap price, be alert not to get cheated. Whatever the price ask for the percentage of success and ask you will give back money if your medicine fail. So atleast you will get value for the money that you spending.

5. Cytotec in Dubai

What is Cytotec, and how to use this. Mostly the people who search for this one don’t know the details about this medicine. Generally all knows Cytotec is abortion tablet. But you have to learn some important things about this before you use. ( Abortion Pills in Dubai: When You Have to Use? )

Now you will ask, why should I learn. I’m going to use this only one time. You are right. But I’m not asking you to become specialist in this topic. Just learn basic things.

Cytotec is the other name of misoprostol, mostly the tablet are 200mcg. Some brands and companies will mention misoprostol. Others will say it’s Cytotec. Both are same. Some will ask I want the medicine with name Cytotec. It’s sure they don’t know about the medicine. Because most popular name world wide using is misoprostol. Only in few countries and places, using the name Cytotec. And only two or three companies using the name.

This one is using in the second part of abortion procedure. When the woman take this tablet it will give pressure to the uterus wall, and if the womb is already down with mifepristone, it will come out along with the bleeding.

If you use Cytotec without mifepristone, you will need more dosage. You have to take 10 or 12 tablets of misoprostol instead of 4.

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Always check the tablet strip and confirm its original from the mentioned company. Some duplicate also available in the market. If you buy the kit contains five tablets, you can trust it more ,
They cannot make the duplicate, because if they make same pattern and cover, the production cost will go more than selling price.

6. Birth control pills in UAE

Before reaching in the abortion you can think about birth pills. It’s better way I think. Monthly if you use some tablet simply we can avoid the pregnancy. It’s safe, getting in affordable price, and good for health also. There are many other benefits also there in health-wise .. Always think prevent pregnancy is better. Some more familiar methods also there. As you know, condom is the best method.

If you are not with your wife, this is the best thing you can do. By using condom you are preventing pregnancy and at the same time you are stoping the transmission of STD. Sexually transmitting diseases … Date calculation will help upto a level. 100% you cannot trust your date calculation. Mostly all are saying 9to 19 days is peak time to get pregnant. But from my experience I saw some one who got pregnant in 7th day and 24th day. There are some scientific explanation for this. But above all I will say it’s in god’s hand.

The pull out procedure also will help upto 90%. That also fails many time . Many cases guys are telling I didn’t put the sperm inside. But she became pregnant. These all are possible pregnancy prevention methods… Preventing pregnancy can avoid unwanted expenses, unwanted pain, unwanted tensions, unwanted health issues, etc.etc. Think about it … I hope this article will help you lot. If you would like to know more details please contact us.