Abortion Pills in Dubai: When You Have to Use?

Hi dears, many people who asking for abortion tablet in UAE, doing the same mistake. Those girls who are having unprotected sex, they will be waiting for next periods. Some of them not even think about their own disorders. They will wait up to 30 days and if the menstruation didn’t come, directly they will type in Google  “Cytotec in Dubai”, or where can i get cytotec in dubai? etc..

Actually this is not the proper way. First of all you have to confirm the pregnancy. You have to wait atleast 35 days from the last period date. Date calculating from the first day of period. Then u can check with the pregnancy test strip and confirm the pregnancy. Some girls will be in more hurry. So they will go to some clinic and will check the blood.. Some times it will go wrong.  If u test in 25 days you can confirm pregnancy in blood. But HCG level can have slight variations because of some another reasons.

 The variation in HCG level + your doubt about pregnancy+ period delay = all together you are pregnant. Is this 100% right…?Not at all….There are many cases we saw it’s showing positive in blood and later showing negative. If you check and confirm the pregnancy in 25th day, you should not do anything to do abortion. Most safe period to abortion is after 38 day from the period date. Then why this hurry.???? Is it necessary…????

So let me clear my point again. Wait for 35 days. Check the pregnancy test in urine. If it is showing negative, check again after 5 days. If still negative check again on 45th day. If it is positive then you search for Cytotec in UAE or Cytotec in Sharjah. If you do pregnancy test in urine the cost will be very low. Instead of checking blood one time, for the same money you can do home pregnancy test four times.

One more important thing. If u get still negative on 45th day, you can confirm u are not pregnant. In this situation you have to go to a gynecologist and tell her your problem. If u go after 50 days is better. I mean u can wait for 5 more days for periods. No need to do pt again. Because mostly doctors will not do any treatment or detailed check up before 50 days. Period delay of 50 days can be normal because of many reason. Climate change, traveling abroad, food habits change, dieting, exercise, having sex after long time, trying second pregnancy after years, etc.These are some possible reasons. There are many more reasons…

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Period delay more than 50 days is not normal. It can be because of health problems in reproductive system, There are some another possible reasons also. So reach your doctor as soon as possible if you are delayed more than 50 days.