Abortion Without Mifepristone (RU486)

This is very important topic. You must read before doing MTP (medical termination of pregnancy / abortion).

There are many type of abortion pills available in Dubai, UAE market. Most of the people searching with the name Cytotec. This is the other name of misoprostol. In some countries and some companies this will use as product name. Don’t get confused. It’s all same tablet misoprostol200mcg. May be there will be a minute difference in quality. If you buy a standard brand or good brand , no need to worry about that… For me all brands are available in India , but I selected the best one and I’m bringing that only. But particularly some people will ask, you have Cytotec. Or u have with the name Cytotec. They don’t know about the medicine and details. Got some broken knowledge from someone and asking for that. May be their friend did with the same product. It doesn’t mean that it’s giving 100% result. But if you go deep only, you will   come to know certain things. Only with Cytotec we will never get 100% result. Only sellers know this secret. We were using only Cytotec in the beginning. Only few days. In that few days half of them were fail. So we  searched for the kit includes mifepristone. We found a lot from India. And we selected the best one. Now still using the same.

As I mentioned above mifepristone blocks progesterone hormone and breaking uterus lining. If you are not taking mifepristone and if you are taking misoprostol/Cytotec directly, it will give pressure to uterus wall. Instead of taking four misoprostol you have to take 10. And always remember one thing. More tablets giving more pressure. It will pull the womb from uterus wall. And the womb will try to keep previous position. In this situation there are chances to get failed abortion, missed abortion, and heavy bleeding. The most common thing happening is heavy bleeding. It is very dangerous. So in simple words, I suggest go and buy kit contains mifepristone 200mg tablet.  

 Those who don’t know these details, they will do something else. First they will take 10 misoprostol in a certain interval. May be there will be minute bleeding. But they cannot identify it’s missed abortion or failed. They will take more misoprostol. It will lead to major bleeding and some heavy problems. Contact now for abortion tablets in uae, we will do fast delivery for your needs.

So always be aware about the medicines before you use. Nowadays all information are available in one click. And still if you jump in to a trouble, it’s purely your mistake. Thanks for reading.