Medical Termination of Pregnancy Do’s And Don’t

Medical termination of pregnancy/ MTP , in simple language you can call abortion. 

There are so many things to learn before you go for it. 
Should not do it alone. Many are doing alone. All are successful, but there is a minute chance of risk. One qualified person with enough knowledge about the topic should be in touch with you untill the end of procedure. After the procedure also. Because you will have N number of questions during that time. There will be some reactions in the body. Atleast you need someone to make it confirm it’s normal. 

You have to observe the bleeding carefully. You should not throw anything without checking properly. Even you should not flush the toilet also before you see what is inside. Because we have to confirm that day itself. If we check with pregnancy tester, it will show positive for another 20 or 25 days because of progesterone hormone. In 15 days we can do ultrasound. But the better way is to confirm that day itself..

Before starting the second set of medicine you have to confirm what type of food you have to avoid, what time you can have food after this, What time u can drink coffee, after how many days you can drink alcohol, when u can smoke, etc. These information is very important.

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